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by eaae last modified 2011-01-17 09:50

The sun

A document which was written by english, german, spanish, norsk and french pupils and teachers in the lycée Chartier of Bayeux in frame of a Comenius project (René Cavaroz)

The pendulum of Richer in Cayenne

The experiment of the pendulum of Richer in Cayenne

In 1672-1673, astronomer Richer was charged by the newly founded French Academy of Science with a scientific expedition. He was to go to a place close to the equator, in Guyana. In its first report to the Academy Richer wrote: "One of the most considerable observations I made, is that the length of the seconds pendulum was shorter in Caïenne than in Paris"

This statement was a point of departure for the recreation of original Richer’s experiments (See following)

Sky charts

Sky charts for the 10th EAAE's Summer school in Canarians Islands

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