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We want to take part to European cooperation for different reasons: Since 1996, we have a scientific workshop. We have done 20 different projects in this workshop. It is open every Wednesday afternoon to our pupils. The Comenius project can improve our way of working in our workshop. Our pupils can show, compare and improve their project with this kind of exchange. We can get link with other schools in other European countries. Keep this link, compare and improve our teaching method. Speak and teach science, geography, technology, math, philosophy in different languages. Create a multicultural environment for 1800 pupils and find a partnership in a scientific and cultural curriculum with the study of the sun.
[···] by Philippe Jeanjacquot — last modified 2007-12-10 17:56
A Terrela in our school. by Philippe Jeanjacquot — last modified 2008-04-01 15:07
What is a Terrela? Is it linked with the Sun? How to build it in a school? This is our first challenge.
The "Sunfollower" by Philippe Jeanjacquot — last modified 2008-10-16 18:19
The "Sunfollower", Tournesolaire in French, is a special mount. It allows to a photovoltaic module to follow the motion of the sun in our sky. Different experiments were build to measure the height and the azimuth of the sun, calculate the yield of the prototype, the effect of the cloudiness.
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